Wednesday, January 28, 2015

An Update of Westrup Proportions

Unlike me (who was quite the entertaining letter writer if I do say so myself), the men in my family quite fail at producing any sort of informative correspondence. And so with that, it's unfortunately fallen to me to glean something out of my younger brother's meager emails home to regale his friends and family with his life as a missionary. So far, what we've mostly learned is that he has abominable typing skills. Also, personally I've learned that he is throwing his whole heart into doing missionary work. He cares for the members and the people he's teaching very deeply. He's learned more than words can express, and his humility has grown deeper. So without further ado, a few of his meatier emails home, and a whole lotta pictures. -Rebekah

October 20, 2014
Hey mom 
i am doing well i wrote you a letter and sent it off, it should get there soon. my companion and i are doing better then last transfer. i sent you some awesome pictures just recently of a flint lock musket and some skrimshaw that a recent converts husband made btw she has a cowboy room with a john wayne movie poster thing i need to get my picture taken with it. umm i am driving this transfer because i want to. in my next package if you could send one of my hats to help with the sun during service that would be much appreciated. other than that there is not much new we had stake conference and there was a video broadcast from salt lake elder bednar and elder scott spoke it was very good. dad told me you guys are praying for me to find new investigators and i really appreciate that. if you want to pray for one there is ping chung she isnt an investigating yet she aplied to byu to be a teacher but i dont know if she is interested learning about the gospel she already knows tons about the church . umm yea that is all i can think of this week love ya bye!! 
Zone Conference perhaps? I'm not sure
November 17, 2014
Hey Mom 
     I am doing very Well. We had a baptism right afterwards i will send you some pictures of that later i didnt have my camera at the time. Elder Baxter is amazing he is from Scotland. his testimony is amazing. There is also a lady in my ward Named Lucy Thompson she is amazing has a Great spirit every one calls her Grandma because she essetially is the grandmother of all of Laramie Every one loves her She reminds me kinda of Granny. i dont know what else to say love You mom. 

                    Your Favourite son, the golden heir with golden hair, 
                                                           Elder Westrup 
A member and his wife that Elder Westrup and his companion were teaching- the Lee's

One of Elder Westrup's companions (I think... again, I've been given so little details. So one can only guess at these things)

This tender little missionary from California's first snow

He's quite cold.

The Christmas tree he wanted for their apartment

The Zone Leader's Christmas tree

His and his companion's Christmas tree

This sweater shrunk in the wash. Elder Westrup, ever to the rescue, helped by stretching it back out again.

He's now transferred back to the ward next to his first area. He's sad about it, but glad to be back so close to the members he first loved.

Not how I would display my art, but hey. Also, I appreciate the un-cropped version of Hofmann's Portrait of Christ. I taught our young grasshopper well.

December 1, 2014
i am just not very good at typing and so i try and avoid it as much as possible, i am sorry:/  the area is doing great. we have 2 investigators (sister Lee And Sister Ransom) that are coming more often then their husbands who are members we are working with members to get all of them to church. At Sister Thompson's house I had the oppurtunity to bare my testimony on my Favourite Scripture, that was Jesus wept. It reminded me i am not here for myself i am here for my Saviour and my God any faults or handicaps The lord will help me get over them because it is his work and he wont let the faults of man stop it he will help man overcome them and prove himself there with miracle of making man better.