Wednesday, April 15, 2015

News from March

Hey Mom,
I am very thankful for the pictures. I am glad to know that everyone is well. How is Aunt Judy? I am glad you went back. It is a great place one that has touched my life I am glad I had the opportunity to serve there. What did they ask about me and what did you say? 

I am still living with a member from a ward I am not serving in. He is the ward Sunday School President. And he is finding a great difficulty in his agenda because half the TV's don't work or aren't compatible. It gives me a little insight to some things dad might have to deal with. I am glad that you are still having fun being Librarian. I was watching the movie about President Hinkley and how his Mother instilled a love of literature in his youth, it made me think how important it is to to have a loving mother to help you solidify your passions. Thank you for helping me in learning my passions and helping me stick to them. I am so grateful for your example!

I'll send Rachel a card when it gets closer to her bday. I am glad Roland is becomin more of a social butterfly. I emailed Oma today. I am glad they are doing well. I wrote Grandma and Steve a letter. I am gonna send it this week. And my comp is still here till the 31st but as time is nearing he needs to get more done so we have less time to email.

Love ya mom