Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February 23, 2015

Elder Westrup says very little in his letters.

He mentioned in his last email that he and his companion moved apartments to be with a member. Which means he's serving in a different ward. And then he spent a picture of snow. He's a man of many words, but few typed words.

February 16, 2015

Dear Mom,
I am sorry you aren't feeling well :/ I wish I could help with something. Things are picking up again.
I am glad you got my Valentine. A sister in the ward has a card making club and she gave me a couple to send out. I saw the Mackrorys and they told me about your vday gift to dad. I am excited for you. Unfortunately not much to say this week. We are staying this transfer.
love ya 

Monday, February 23, 2015

February 10, 2015

Hey Mom
I am doing great!!! Our only current investigator Sam has been struggling a lot not with commitments or anything, he is just getting kicked out of his house his car is breaking and lots like that. But we might be teaching a recent convert's daughter tomorrow which will be awesome. He is super cool. He would be at church but he had drill last weekend and I know how that goes. I have been emailing Jamison but he doesn't email me as much as he does Oma (but then again I am not as faithful in replying as I should be). I am excited for Courtney and Jacob and their prospective parentage. I am rooting for July 8th as the birth date. Well love you. Have a stupendous week.
I made the pen at a less actives house that I helped whilst on exchanges. He is super cool. He has a wood shop the size of an apartment; really cool. The drawing is just a doodle while I was in sacrament meeting. It is just the mountains and some trees and legs and the symbol on the pants is just like my signature. I'll send more pictures of my sketches so you can see it clearer. Sacrament Meeting was amazing. The former Bishop (Ashby) and his wife spoke on Family History and it just really spoke to me on how important a temple marriage is. But yea I am glad you are receiving the much needed rain there. I fear for Longmont. It hasn't snowed a lot since I have been here which isn't good. I mean it is winter and it feels like summer.
Sorry I didn't reply the to that long email it was just very intimidating. I don't know why but I just don't like writtng in the least. We had 21 dinners sign up yesterday I was super excited although I might not be here for most of them because of transfers. Who knows? But yea I believe the ward really really likes us which is awesome!!!! My Companion is from Aloha, Oregon (a suberb of Portland), He really likes classic cars and trucks and worked on them for a living back home. He has one transfer left and will be going home to attend BYU - Idaho he already has 2 years there and hopes to graduate with an auto machanices degree.

Not really sure what else to say
Love Elder Westrup