Thursday, March 19, 2015

Hey Sorry I didn't reply on Tuesday. We are emailing in the family history Center and there aren't enough computers for the amount of missionaries that there are. And the Senior ZL is not as understanding when it comes to allowing for extra time on the computers.So it is hard because of circumstance but my companion has to do his trunkie papers and so i get time on other days to email. This week is going much better then the previous week but our only investigator couldn't meet with us this week because she and her Dad were helping his parents move stuff around. We finished the first lesson with her last week. I think it went very well. We were at Chick-fila and there was an ad for Dr. Suess' Birthday so that made me think of you. They have free breakfast every Tuesday this month which is awesome. Speaking of awesome things we were driving home the other day and this was at the corner of 19th and main. Some poor child out there had a rough night.
It is funny as a missionary switching around so often you have several stake conferences and fast Sundays in the same month, so you either learn to love it or just sleep. I really enjoy it, it is a great to hear from general or area authorities for edification and spiritual strengthening. As my year mark approaches (and with my companion working on his end of the mission paperwork I often find myself thinking of the future ,what type of person I want to be and after. So much time in the scriptures I have discoverd that I want to grow to be like unto my elder brother. I love Roger, he is an example to me. Like Ammon he is strong and powerful and intelligent. He serves a king, he made an oath to serve to do anything as long as it right. Alma 18:17 " say unto you, what is it, that thy marvelings are so great? Behold, am manand am thy servant; 
therefore,whatsoever thou desirest which is right, that will do."  I cant think of anyone who better fits this scripture then Rog. I cant think of much else. 
Love ya mom 
Elder Westrup
These last few pictures of Elder Westrup and his companion were sent by a member. They helped prepare food for her son's baptism.