Monday, May 12, 2014

4/30 First day in the Lord's Vineyard

Dear Mother and Father,

Today was my first day in the Lord's vineyard! Guess what I did? I pruned grapevines for a member. I learned something but it is hard to explain without being present. We met as a district for training and met a family from South Africa. I told them about Sister M. serving there but I didn't know her maiden name. 

We visited the relief society president. She is older and super nice. She gave a the names of a lot of people to meet. The ward mssion leader is awesome.

It is so windy out here, Mom would not like it.I get to use the fleece and my gloves from Claire. They are warm. I am well fed and living righteously.

The are really nice! We have brand new ones because the sisters had bed bugs. My trainer is Elder Hanson. He is an English major. He is 21 months in the field so he is close to going home. Oh yeah. . . we are in member housing. We live upstair in a nice room. I totally feel spoiled. The Lord has really blessed me, you are all in my prayers.

Love, Elder Westrup

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