Saturday, May 10, 2014

The beginning of something great

So my mother asked a lot of questions and i figure that is a great place to start my letters of the building up of Christ's Kingdom. My mission president went to Japan  on his mission and no i didn't introduce myself in the little amount of japanese that i know but i was helping a sister move and it some how surfaced that i knew a little so one of the high priests only greets me in japanese plus my zone leader is from japan so that is cool to. speaking of which we are no longer aloud to be in the same building as other missionaries on pday so that sucks and we are only aloud to listen to music that would be played in sacrament meeting so i basically only have apostate music right now. My trainer is Elder Hanson he is from Batton Rouge louiseanna (i know i spelled it wrong i am not an english major he is) he is a convert to the church and i am his last companion he is 21 months in  and goes home in july! he are in a brand new jeep compass has less then 2000 miles on it so that is nice but i never liked new car smell. We live with the Dix Family they are awesome sister Dix is in the primary presidency and i think he is in the high council (sister Dix reminds me of Judy from the fort) we live upstairs and have a view of the mountains it is awesome! I am in Ute Creek ward in the Longmont stake and We are fed very well! we have lots of people to teach our newest investigator is a 40 something year old gentleman and he has a daughter and a firm testimony in Christ but he is unsure what to do about it so we are helping him come unto Christ i will let you know more as he progresses
Elder Westrup

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