Tuesday, May 5, 2015

April 20, 2015

I am sorry to hear about Sister Canepari passed. And Angelina is preganent??!?! I know Ashton Canepari kinda, he is pretty cool. I did hear about Jacob And Courtney you and Oma have both told me :) I am banking on the baby to be born on my birthday. That is crazy to hear about Jeffery and Kelsey. I bet it will be on the 20th. How is Sister Alconcel ? Speaking of trader's fair and your knitting skills I would love a beanie. Two of mine have disappeared. Plus there is a set of sister missionaries in our district who have to walk and if you have any extra wool I know they would love them. I am so jealous of Rachel. Roger and I should go on a rode trip after my mission. I meant to send Dad a birthday card but I will send him one today. I ran out of stamps. I am glad Roland is becoming quite the entrepreneur. Has he asked to mow Brother Amavisca's lawn? Where is Scout camp this year? I am glad you are able to help the sisters with FH. I helped a member in Laramie quite a bit. I will be trying to go to the temple for my year mark soon. An update on last week's Investigators: Colin dropped us. But The other three (Tristan,  Brenna, and Readen) are doing awesome! They were out of town last week so we couldn't visit with them but we gave their Dad a blessing because he had to have surgery but it seems that it went well so we will be trying to meet with them sometime this time week. Dinners are awesome!! We are full of dinners till the end of the month. I love Elder Sullivan. He is so awesome he keeps me pumped about the work. He is just the best.
All is well in our Part of Zion
Love Elder Westrup 

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