Thursday, September 17, 2015

August 10, 2015

Dear Mom,

All is well! This week was pretty good, I have been tracking a little bit more, I enjoy finding so much! I am glad I am in an area where Elders want to work. Saturday we had a Zone Dinner with the stake president. After the Zone Leaders shared what the Zone vision for the transfer would be, which is "All for one and one for Christ." The district leaders then broke down the vision and it was broken down well for the most part. It was a great vision but not a goal which I think was the point. Visions are meant to be general to point in a direction. A vision alone is near pointless, without goals we become demoralized because of a seemingly unachievable goal. One thing the District Leader and I agreed on was that we couldn't have follow up on the Vision, what is the point of anything if there is no follow up. On the other hand goals without a vision are scattered and often don't make a lot of sense. Well that is my rant part of the email.

Cool thing this week, we were able to get to talk to Wade, one of our investigators' husbands, he is a former marine and we get along so well. It is awesome the amount of former military in Broomfield. But back to Wade. He works all the time and so it is hard to get a hold of him. Elder Taylor and I had just tried some Prospective Elders and none answered and so we were just walking around. Elder Taylor walked down Wade's street and he and his wife were front porch sitting. We walk up and start talking to him, him and I were swapping funny military stories. 

He told me one time when he was overseas. One of his convoys broke down and he volunteered to stay at a F.O.B. (which was being shutdown that night) and wait for repair crew to come so they got orders to stay put until they came. An Army Convoy came by pulling the last American soldiers (besides Wade's group) out. The leader of the Convoy came up and asked if they wanted to join the convoy and leave with the army guys and Wade said " Sir we have orders to stay and I am not disobeying orders from Srgt." The other soldier said "this Base is gonna get run down before your convoy gets here. If you don't leave with us you are gonna die " Wade replied "I have a 180 rounds and a pocket full of motivation that says we aren't gonna die." The Convoy leader had no reply and left them with some ice water. I loved that!

Last night I was thinking and I thought of the importance of names. A land's name defines its purpose, depending on who named the land determines the strength of the name to the land, without authority a name wont stick and the third and last the relationship between the namer and the name.  Similarly with the name of a child, for example my name Richard Hugh Westrup, I was named by my Father having authority from God not only because of stewardship over me but of the Melchizedek Priesthood. My Name Richard means powerful ruler or leader, Hugh means of the Heart, Mind and Spirit. I am named after My Father's Father, there is great emotional connection for my name to my Father and to me and that adds to the power behind my name. I don't remember where I was going with that but my name is what it is supposed to be!

Alma 38:12 "Use boldness, but not overbearance; Also see that ye bridle all your passions that ye maybe filled with love; see that ye refrain from idleness." Bridle all your passions that ye may be filled with love. First time I read this I didn't quite understand how bridling could cause filling of love, as I realized that when we give things up for a time, restraining ourselves we grow fonder of those things. Not only growing our fondness but refining it, perfecting it, causing it to become a pure love. That is cool. 

Love Elder Westrup 

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