Thursday, September 17, 2015

September 7, 2015

Dear Mommy, 
I was in an incredible mood on Monday. We went to Walmart and a lady came up to us. And she asked if we were corporate. We told her we were Mormon Missionaries. She asked all sorts of questions, we answered them all and then she mentioned she was looking for a church in Aurora so we gave her a card and then we went back to shopping. As we were leaving a returned missionary came up to us and it was just a very busy day at Walmart. We went To Chick-fila for lunch it was so good! We had a District P-day and went bowling. We were playing for an hour and on our second game pretty much everyone had a perfect game, needless to say it was a great day!

So Investigator Update, we had amazing lessons with all of them. The Hoyles are doing great. Last night we went over and  he had a date for  the 12th but we are gonna have to push it back so he can be a little more prepared but he is so ready! He has a strong desire and he it internally motivated!  Amber who was pregnant had her baby and they are both happy and healthy and moving so they will now be in the Denver North Mission. Robb is doing awesome he has been a more stagnant investigator but we have been asking really good questions and he has been thinking a lot it is pretty cool. We are really excited!! 

On Friday we went to Seminary at like 10 o'clock, and THEY WERE IN CLASS. It was the strangest thing to go to seminary during the day! They have enough LDS students that they have release time seminary. We sat in and they were talking about the Creation. The Seminary Teacher (Brother Carwin) made a point that I thought was interesting> God made Eve from a rib and why not the head or the foot? Eve was made from the rib because symbolically if it was the head she would rule over him if it were the foot, he over her, but it was the rib meaning equality. 

Plans For this week: Today we are either gonna go hiking or have a nerf Battle not sure yet! Then we will have a Labor day bash with one of the members in the ward. Then we will do service at the local food share. At some point this week and we will try and set Brother Hoyle with a new baptism date. If we stay after transfers we will be moving into the Waltons.  But we won't find out till Saturday! I am content with staying or leaving either way I am where God needs me and that is awesome!

Lastly you wanted a list of things I wanted for Christmas. For you it is not too soon but after Christmas I will have a little over 4 months left so as far as I am concerned Christmas could never come and I wouldn't mind one bit. But if you want to know what I want I would like a longer mission. I would like to serve in Riverton stake and I would Like to end my mission in Laramie. Last and as normal I would like Santa's  naughty list (The Gospel helps everyone get on the nice list). Since you cant really get any of that for me I'll just take socks.  

Love Elder Westrup

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