Thursday, September 17, 2015

August 17, 2015

Dear Mommy,

   All is well. This week has been super eventful, we got put back in
a tripan. I am now with Elder Noh who is from Apple Valley,
California. He is the oldest male son and a family of four children.
Elder Noh is very intelligent it is very fun to talk with him,
although Elder Taylor feels left out because he is at a different
level than us. Elder Noh is really good at balancing out the
conversations so Elder Taylor can understand and participate and not
feel left out! I really look up to Elder Noh, he Is 6' 4" and a giant
teddy bear. I feel that this will be a good transfer. Our District
consists of three people so that is fun.

   Work wise, our numbers have not been very accurate concerning the
actual amount of work we have been doing. We have been trying to find
where we teach and teach where we find but as of now we have no super
good leads. We met this guy, his name we forgot, so we have been calling
him Nick. "Nick" seems super cool. We haven't been able to sit down
with him but I believe  there is a lot of potential to help  him come
unto Christ. We were trying to find  a less active and we got no
answer. So Elder Noh suggested we knock a couple doors and he was like the
second door we knocked. I have missed tracting. I know it isn't the
most effective but you feel good when you just get out and meet new
people and have them bear testimony of Jesus Christ, and then you bear
your testimony of Christ, and both of you leave edified and

   I have some repenting to do. I have been basically filibustering
the last couple letters, because I just haven't been focusing on the
real reason why I writing, I was just writing five paragraphs to
achieve my goal. In that sense I have been rather selfish, and I
apologize. My writing is not for me it is for my family and friends to
learn and grow to share my experiences not achieve some remedial goal
set in place as a way of self gratification. I am learning so much and
growing even more. When applied the gospel will automatically change
you and you will be so much more happy it is the best. I can promise
this because I am living it.

   So in secular experience, I have given up soda for the last month
and I feel great. I have a more energy and don't crash in the
afternoon. I feel like I am loosing weight, I have a plan to cut back
on my unnecessary sugar in the next 8 months. I want to loose 5 lbs
every month over the next 8 months. my goal when I get home is to
weigh 200 lbs even. I want to be self sustained (motivated) in my
weight loss by the time I get home. I feel like that is a very
achievable goal. We will see what happens.

   Well in closing all is well on our end. On your end how are things?
Lately I have been hearing quite a bit about fires and most of the
people have been say around Sacramento? How was your trip? Did ya'll get
home safely? Who are Roland's teachers? How is the rest of the family?
When does Rebekah get home? What is new at Mira Loma? We just had
TIWI's installed in our cars and they are annoying but they save lives
so that is cool I guess.

                                                           Elder Westrup!

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