Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July 20, 2015

Dear Mommy,

All is well! This week has been super crazy. We have been trying to balance two wards. I think the tripanionship was perfect for Elder Brazell because we were able to find him some potentials. They seemed pretty promising! We met with some cool guys from their ward and our ward was kinda slow. Elder Taylor had a couple of families from his first area come down and take us out to eat and it was pretty fun and it really helps him feel comfortable (he grew up in a small town and never really moved so change is kinda hard for him). 

Preparation day last week was interesting. We had three missionaries worth of laundry and all sorts of stuff to figure out and "The District" (namely Elder Taylor and Elder Brazell ) decided to play Basket Ball. I decided to email and thanks to iPads we were both happy! We didn't get much done that night but we were able to go to John and Melissa's and they had cancelled bible study for various reasons. They were very happy we stopped by because they didn't have our cell number. Most of the bible study group didn't want to meet with us and that wasn't a surprise. But John and Melissa still want to meet with us and so now we have a regular appointment with them this Wednesday.

So Thursday night we got a call from the Assistants to President. The APs wanted to know if Elder Brazell would like a new companion for two weeks or if he wanted to wait till transfers. Elder Brazell saw how hard it is to cover two wards with one companionship (let alone all the small stuff like showering and laundry) so he said he would like the new companion now. His new companion is Elder Kennedy who I happened to serve around in Laramie. He is a great young man but he struggles and so I think Elder Brazell will be really good for him because Elder Brazell is really loving and is very observant of his surroundings.

Some of the people that Elder Brazell is teaching are James Bond! (he isn't Scottish :(  but he is still cool) and Ralph G. (a semi-successful Rock Star). They are both super cool people. I am sad I only got to see them once :/ but they are in great hands. Elder Kennedy and Elder Brazell are both great missionaries it is so awesome to see revelation at work. Elder Taylor and Elder Brazell and myself were able to find a couple of potential investigators : Liz is a single girl who we were able to bear powerful testimony to on the Plan of Salvation. Wendy and Austin were a newly wed couple who we helped to unload their car after their wedding and they seemed to be really appreciative of our help! We will see what happens with them.

So Friday we moved back in with the Cooks and it feels a lot more organized. We are able to focus on our ward now. Sundays are a lot shorter because there are a lot less meetings we have to go to being two companionships covering our own wards again. Yesterday we were able to help a less active member do some family history and it is so amazing to see his face light up every time we find a new name for him and add names his uncle gave him! This is a really awesome area to be in! There are so many great people with amazing stories out there and I am glad I have the opportunity to hear them! and even better share mine!! 

Elder Westrup

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