Monday, July 20, 2015

July 7, 2015

Dear Mommy,

I am very well. It has been a great two weeks in Broomfield,CO. This week has  gone by super quick. We went tracting last Monday and Elder Taylor has no confidence in it (I love tracting). So it was kinda funny when we went tracting the second door we knocked a man named Jonathan came out with a nice bible and I thought it was gonna be a bible bash. But he said hey we are in the middle of bible study is there something we can help you with and I said well we are just going around talking about Jesus Christ with people but you obviously know about Christ and I don't want to invite myself but may we join your Bible study. He said "hold on let me get my wife" and she came out and was very pleasant, a little hesitant. She was super awesome and they both ended up talking for 30 minutes and we are going back tonight. I am really excited!!
On Tuesday last week we visited one of the Ward family history consultants and she worked on helping me understand Family History even more. It was really nice. I think I added a little bit of information; but not much. It is really cool to learn so I can help others learn and grow in their family history understanding. I am excited to get better at it we will probably be going back every other week to increase our ability. It is petty hard for Elder Taylor because he has most of his work actually done. But I am learning quite a bit!
 On Wednesday we had decided to visit all the members from A to Z in the directory and the second name on the list lives in the very farthest corner of our area so we rode out there and we weren't sure were he lived. So we went into this really nice condo complex and met a very nice lady named Asante who directed us to his address. Well he lived in a locked apartment building and we couldn't get in. I was about to give up and bike all the way home! All of a sudden two different people walked out, and Elder Taylor just grabbed the door and said blessings of the Lord. We got up there and knocked no one answered and we were about to leave but we had a stupor of thought when it came to what we should do we sat there for 30 seconds then we heard something from the inside and he opened the door and invited us in he said he had been thinking about going back to church a lot the last couple of weeks and he was really grateful for us stopping by. It really was the Lord working through us to help this young man out and the Lord accomplishes his works!

Thursday we met with our new top progressing Amber, she was baptized very young and she was very upset that she wasn't old enough to make the decision herself. After she was baptized her parents didn't go to church so in her words she grew up without getting to know Jesus Christ. We mainly are focusing on who He is and what he did for us! She doesn't read old English, for example the bible, and we were reading out of Luke chapter 1 and she was struggling understanding what was going on, but as we went on you could see the spirit work with her and her understanding and knowledge of Christ deepened so much! It was super awesome to see! And after we finished the lesson we were talking and invited her to Brittany's baptism and she said that is cool she would like to be baptized again! Elder Taylor and I are so excited to hear that!

Saturday was amazing. You already know how much I love the Fourth of July. Well we got a call to fill the font for a child of record baptism and we would have to watch it for 2 hours. While we were there the other ward was having their Fourth of July breakfast and we got free breakfast. Then we got to hear amazing baptism talks by the little girl's grandma and aunt. Then we visited a less active member and he was pretty cool. After that we went to Brittany Miller's baptism and she is just amazing and she has the stronger support from her future in-laws. One of which is going to the Roseville California mission! His name is Elder Shane Cobabe. He is a super cool kid! His older brother (who is espoused to Brittany) served in Argentina and is also really cool! So if in two weeks or so you see him take him out to lunch or something.

Well I can't think of much else to say. Thanks to all for my birthday wishes and gifts or letters sent. I greatly appreciate them all! Thanks for the pictures of fireworks and what not. You are all a great blessing in my life! I love you especially Mom and Dad without whom I wouldn't exist or have made it to the completion of my 20th year nor the commencement of my 21st year here on the earth. (Yes I am twenty but this is the twenty first year of my life) 
With much love and gratitude 
Elder Richard Hugh Westup 

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